How to install helmet speakers.

Installing dual helmet speakers into your helmet is a quick and simple task.  Total install time should average 10 minutes.  The speakers will fit in both 3/4 helmets and full face helmets.

Step  1:
Locate the indents on the inside of your helmet (left and right).  All helmets have some sort of indent for your ears to sit.  Some are much larger than others and depending on your helmet fit and head size will be more accommodating than others.

Step 2:
On full face helmets, remove the cheek pads on both sides.  This allows for more visual room to apply the speaker.

Step 3:
Applying one speaker at a time, remove the wax paper off the back of the speaker and apply to the inside of the helmet.  Repeat same step for second speaker.

Step 4:
Tuck the wires into the helmet liner to clear any hanging wires.

Step 5:
Reinstall the cheek pads. 

View the Video Demo