1. Will the Tork headset work with the wind noise?

Ans: The Tork series headsets and the Ridemate Intercom all include a noise reduction microphone. This mic will work effectively against wind and background noise up to 60 mph.

2. Can I connect to my mp3/cd player to the Ridemate intercom?

Ans: Yes, the system offers an input for a cd/MP3 player and comes with the necessary cabling to enable this feature.

3. Does the Ridemate unit come with two headsets?

Ans: Yes. Currently we only stock the full face headsets but will have both options soon.

4. What type of power does the Intercom use?

Ans: The Ridemate System allows for Dual power. You can use a 9V battery or wire the system directly to your battery. The 12V wiring harness is included.

5. What size is the intercom?

Ans: The intercom's dimensions are 4.5" X 2.5" X 1" thick.

6. Do I need to press a push to talk button to communicate?

Ans: When speaking from Rider to Passenger the system is always open and is full duplex so you do not need to press a PTT button. Both people can speak simultaneously. When the system is connected to a 2 way radio, a PTT is used to transmitt through the radio to another bike. The PTT button is included.

7. What type of 2 way radio can I use?

Ans: All of our headsets and the intercoms are designed to be used with the Motorola and Cobra FRS radios in a 1 pin design. Please check your radios before ordering. Panasonic, Midland, Chatterbox, Nady and Uniden Radios do not work with these headsets.

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